List obsessed music nerd that i am, i recently made a playlist compiling a track from one album released in each year of my life. As well as making me feel as old as time itself, it also  made me feel compelled to write about these songs.

Partly inspired by Penny at http://allweneedisradiogaga.wordpress.com and the soundtrack to her impending motherhood, I started to wonder if my soon to arrive son/daughter will feel as strongly about music as I do. (I hope so). And whether any of the stuff that his/her dad loved will make its way into his/her heart like my parents’ favourite music did to me.

Mainly though, this is just me talking about me, and the list of albums that i condensed down into the soundtrack to my existence (with approximately 5,000 just very narrowly missing out on inclusion)

I apologise if i frequently go off topic and tangent off into the ionosphere. I’m new to this lark


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